In April 2015 two enormous earthquakes hit Nepal creating a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented scale:

earthquake_page1Over 9,000 people died with more than 22,300 left injured. Nearly 900,000 homes were destroyed or left uninhabitable leaving 3.5 million people homeless.

52,000 classrooms were obliterated leaving more than 1 million children out of education.*

Our 25 years’ experience working in Nepal allowed us to turn our attention to providing disaster relief to the most affected communities following the earthquake.

Nepal Youth Foundation provided emergency relief to the survivors, delivering food and medical supplies in the immediate aftermath. We have further provided temporary shelter solutions
 to act as homes and classrooms, setup Community Nutrition Kitchens, Day Care Centres and Transit Homes for lone and vulnerable children and given hospital and psychological support in disaster affected communities.



We have already achieved so much and helped so many but there is much more to be done.





*All figures were correct and updated at the time of going to press






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