One of NYF’s primary objectives is to protect the country’s orphans and most vulnerable children by providing them a safe home in which to live. To do this we have been running two children’s homes in Kathmandu – J & K house. However, these two homes have been operated in rented buildings and our hope is to provide the children with a permanent nurturing environment that not only improves their comprehensive growth but also reduces the operating costs of the homes. Thus, we have developed Olgapuri village

Olgapuri village covers approximately three acres of land on the outskirts of Kathmandu.  There are three zones to the village – the children’s home, farm and vocational training school.



The children’s home is spread across five buildings which we have carefully made into homes – boys and girls have their own home and then they are divided again by age (senior and junior homes).  The fifth building we plan to use as a dining and library building.  Each of the homes have a small family kitchen and dining area where we plan for children to eat their breakfast with their house parents (each home will have a set of house parents who are responsible for the care of those children).   Each home can accommodate twenty or more children and at a minimum eighty children will be living in the village at any one time. The Dining and Library building is where everyone will eat their lunch and dinner together.  Also located in here is our infirmary (for poorly children), a library, home theatre, laundry room and indoor play space.  This building will also be where our 24 hour onside driver will live.   

In creating the chphoto olgapuriildrens’ home we have also made sure that that there are plenty of open spaces and green lawns, a play area and a central pavilion for social events which is situated in between the houses.

All of our buildings are eco friendly; each is equipped with solar panels and we have numerous rainwater wells where the water is used to irrigate our farm.



The farm is approximately a little over an acre of land. It has three ares of production – vegetable, dairy and meat.

Vegetable production – we are growing both vegetables in the soil as well as on the rooftops using our aquaponics system and green house.  The plan is that we will be fully self sufficient in perishable vegetables. However, since the top soil has been disturbed by the construction, it will take at least two years to revive the soils to make it fertile and then we should be back on plan.  In addition we are hoping that there may even be some excess that we plan to sell and put the funds back into the village.

Olgapuri farm Aquaponics interiorDairy production – beneath the aquaponics rooftop farm we have the cow shed.  It can house up to fifteen cows at a time, which should give at least 150 litres of milk every day.  Again we hope to sell the excess in production.  

Meat production – Our plans are that we will raise chickens to provide the meat for the village.  We are also exploring other areas so that again we are fully self sufficient in meeting our meat needs.

Training – we also plan to conduct Urban Farming Training courses using our farming systems.  We plan to train 200 people a year in courses from as short as five days to as long as four weeks.


Here we plan to train 320 students a year in different trades such as care giving (childcare & geriatric care), handyman (electricity and plumbing), carpentry (wood carving, wood turning and
children’s furniture making), and metal work (focusing on welding skills).

Construction of the vocational school olgapurivocational building began much later than the residential areas.  Soon after we started the earthquake hit Nepal and work ceased. Due to these delays the vocational school is only 75% complete.

We are just about to install the roof here. We are hopeful that we will finish the construction by December.

Next to the vocational school is our guesthouse.  Supporters are able to stay here and we will also house visiting trainers from abroad who will come and teach students. 


We are very excited that the official inauguration of the village will be Sunday September 25th .  To help us welcome the children into the new village we are asking you to write your own special message.  Messages received by Tuesday 20th September will be displayed in a banner at the opening for all the children and staff to read.  To write your message please click here.

If you have any questions about the village or would like to get involved in this project please email us here.   We are extremely excited that this project has come to fruition and we thank all those in giving their support to make it happen.  















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