Nepal Youth Foundation UK has created a campaign to assist those affected by the recent earthquakes: “Help the Survivors Survive” 

Millions have been affected. They have survived the earthquake but they have lost everything: their family, their home and all of their belongings.

The second phase of this campaign “The Rebuild and Restore Project” concentrates on longer term rebuild efforts of family homes and classrooms as well as starting our Kinship Care programme in earthquake affected areas.

In 2016 we will focus on:

Rebuilding Classrooms Project 

The DSC000872015 earthquake obliterated 52,000 classrooms and left more than one million children out of education.  Currently schools that are still operating at some level are doing so in unsafe, makeshift classrooms where learning is unproductive.

Nepal Youth Foundation UK hopes to contribute to our global target and commit to rebuilding over 50 classrooms in earthquake affected areas of Nepal. NYF UK has already helped 5 schools (and reconstructed 29 classrooms) in Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk and are turning our attention to the districts of Lalitpur and Kavre from September 2016.

In rebuilding 50 classrooms, nearly 2,000 children can attend school in a safe and productive environment.  

To rebuild a new classroom costs £5,250 and to restore an existing classroom costs £3,500

The total cost of NYF UK’s contribution to the project is planned at £218,750

Risankumane School completed 1





One of our completed classrooms at the same school as pictured above

Skills Training for Reconstruction Programme

90,00Reconstruction0 homes have been destroyed or left uninhabitable by the earthquake leaving 3.5 million people homeless.  New legislation by the Nepali Government has stated that NGOs cannot build homes but rather must train home owners to build their own.  In addition given the huge reconstruction process villages are now entering there is an increase in demand for skilled workers. However, the Nepali Government have also stated that these skilled workers need to be certified in building seismically safe structures before they are employed.

Nepal Youth Foundation therefore ran and provided all materials for 40 Skills Training for Reconstruction courses, so that 1,000 homeowners from earthquake affected areas were trained and certified in how to build seismically safe and durable homes.

During each training programme trainees received a daily wage to ensure they did not suffer from a loss of earning whilst taking part. Upon completion of the course we issued a fully recognised certificate to apprentices. The training meets government standards to ensure trainees’ employment in the construction industry.

Nepal Youth Foundation UK contributed over £13,000 to the total cost of the programme

We have now completed our commitment in this area and are turning our attention to increasing our Classroom Rebuilding Programme and our Kinship Care Programme.

.Kinship Care Programme

Over 8.1 million people were affected by the earthquake, 4.3 million seriously. Of these 1.7 million are children.

The Kinship Care Programme finds surrogate families for  children who have been orphaned or whose parents are unable to take care of them due to disability or chronic health problems. These families will take them in and care for them as their own.

We aim to find carers within the extended family
 wherever possible. This helps to ensure that the children maintain their family connections and are not uprooted from their culture.

NYF UK will pay for living and medical expenses as well as all education and counselling costs.

Just £300 a year could help an orphan survivor.

To understand first-hand the need for these projects please watch our film.








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