Welcome to Nepal Youth Foundation United Kingdom

Nepal Youth Foundation UK offers hope and opportunity to Nepal’s most impoverished children by providing them with what is every child’s birth right: vital healthcare, education and a nurturing home.

Our programmes include:

Education – We run child sponsorship programmes and provide vocational training and career counselling for disadvantaged youngsters to help them find employment and be financially independent.

Health –  We have established a nationwide Nutrition Programme to tackle Nepal’s huge issues with child malnutrition. We offer psychological therapy for disadvantaged children at our Ankur counselling Centre.  We give residential support to families living with HIV/AIDS. 

Shelter – We offer a nurturing home to children that are abandoned, displaced, or orphaned at our Olgapuri Village.

Freedom – We freed over 12,000 women from domestic slavery and ensured the system was abolished.  We now provide these women with vocational training and help them gain meaningful employment. 

Please explore our ‘Objectives for 2019/20’ and if you think you might be able to help visit our EVENTS page to get involved or DONATE

Watch this short film, courtesy of Wrapt Films, to meet the founders of the charity – Gina Parker and Simon Russell.

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