Nepal Youth Foundation UK is excited to announce that its 17th Nutritional Rehabilitation Home (NRH) opened on Friday 1st September. The home is in the district of Dadeldhura, bordering India in the west and has been identified as one the districts with  a very high prevalence of stunting due to malnutrition. The life expectancy here is only 46 year of age! It also has one of the highest rates of illiteracy in the country.  NYF received numerous strong recommendations to establish an NRH in the district from the Child Health Division, the Department of Health, Ministry of Health, Government of Nepal, and a similar proposition was made to NYF by the evaluation team at the periodic external evaluation of NYF. 

Opening an NRH in Dadeldhura will mean that children from the surrounding six districts will be supported as Dadeldhura serves as the intersection for the following districts – Baitadi, Darchula, Bhajhang, Doti, Achham and Bajura. All apart from Darchula, have been identified as the lowest performing districts in nutrition (Nepal Country Analysis 2011, UN RCHCO) with very high prevalence of stunting, under-weight and anemia in children under five, as well as high prevalence of underweight mothers of reproductive age (sadly in the district of Baitadi, a huge 58% of children were found stunted due to acute malnutrition.)  Similarly to all our NRHs, the Dadledhura NRH is situated next to the main hospital in the area – the Dadeldhura Sub-regional Hospital.  This is so  that patience can be easily referred to the NRH  from the hospital.

The NRH opened Friday, September 1 with three children and moms being the first admitted.

To find out more about our Nutrition programme and how you can help visit here and thank you to those who helped NYF to make this possible.

Below is one of the first families to be admitted to the Nutritional Rehabilitation Home.