We run an extraordinary number of programmes at NYF looking after thousands of children and youths. For 2017/18 NYF UK will focus on the following priorities:

Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes
Our pioneering Malnutrition Treatment & Prevention programme has saved thousands of lives since its inception in 1998.

NYF still runs our first NRH in Kathmandu, although all subsequent homes are transferred to government management after 5 years. From our Kathmandu NRH we also coordinate our Nutrition Outreach programme to reach the most underserved communities.

Help us save thousands more lives.

Empowering Freed Kamalaris
NYF has been instrumental in freeing children from bonded labour. Now we want to ensure social and economic independence for these girls (known as Kamalari).

Our programme offers vocational training to these former child slaves as well as psychosocial support. We also help them start businesses by supporting established Co-operatives that grant them micro-loans.

NYF UK is particularly focused on empowering these women to become independent political and business leaders.

New Life Centre
The New Life Centre provides a transitional haven for HIV-positive children and their caretakers. Our distinct and innovative holistic approach is the only one of its kind in Nepal.

There is much focus on HIV/AIDS prevention currently which we support, but we do not want to leave those already infected behind. It is expensive to look after these children but we have a successfully proven model that we want to ensure continues.

Help us look after hundreds more children this year.

Vocational Education and Career Counselling 

As part of our pioneering Olgapuri Children’s Village in Kathmandu, we have developed an on-site Vocational Training School.  Our Vocational Training school engages young people in vocational trades and farming, to increase their employment opportunities with a special focus on those children graduating from orphanages and childcare institutions, and the former bonded girl child labourers (Kamalari) that NYF has rescued.

We focus on 5 trades: plumbing, electrical, carpentry, welding and care giving –  selected on the basis of their demand in the market for employment.

We train and support approximately 400 youngsters a year at a cost of £620 per student

Olgapuri Residences
Our pioneering Children’s village is home to the vocational school, farm and 4 residential houses for 80 of Nepal’s most vulnerable children. Olgapuri is evidence of our vision to create a home and community rather than an institution. We have also created a sustainable model whereby we expect the farm to provide enough food to reduce current food costs by 50%.

Help us keep children in a safe and happy environment.






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