We run an extraordinary number of programmes, looking after thousands of children and youths.  For 2021 our focus is on the following programmes:

Combating child malnutrition

Nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are attributable to undernutrition in Nepal. Our nationwide rehabilitation homes provide intensive residential treatment and our outreach camps screen and treat hundreds of children in hard to reach communities.

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Supporting children living with extended family

Many children in Nepal are living with extended family. However, the financial burden of supporting these children proves to be too much and sadly the children suffer greatly. We provide much needed financial support to these families.

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Empowering former child slaves

The charity has been instrumental in freeing over 13,000 young girls from childhood slavery. Our programme offers the freed girls vocational training, psychosocial support and help to establish their own co-operatives.

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A nurturing home for orphaned and abandoned children

Our pioneering children’s home provides a nurturing home to 80 orphaned and abandoned children. We also have a farm, from which we use all the produce to help feed the children.

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Vocational training and career support

We provide vocational training scholarships for disadvantaged youngsters in areas such as plumbing and steel fabrication. We also help graduates to secure full time employment once they qualify.

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Supporting families living with HIV/AIDS

Nepali children infected with HIV/AIDS face social isolation, medical neglect and physical and emotional abandonment. Our centre provides residential care for children living with HIV/ AIDS.

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