Helping during the pandemic

Covid-19 Programmes

Nepal, like most of the world has been in lockdown since March.  This is bringing extreme problems to the country.  Young families, trying to support their children anyway they can are being faced with daily issues, such as how to feed their children and how to keep them on track with their education. With very little government support in the way of social welfare or any educational support, these families are struggling. Many of these parents will have lost their jobs and in Nepal there is no furloughing or benefits and they will have no savings or investments to pull them through. They are unfortunately unable to protect themselves from the extreme hardships that is taking its toll, and the children need our support now more than ever.

These are some of the programmes we are running at this time to help ease the suffering.

Emergency hot meals and superflour distribution

We are providing hot meals to young families in Kathmandu, the priority being children.  Many of these families are desperate to get their children back into school so that they know that their child has had at least one nutritious meal that day – however, with schools being closed their children are suffering and becoming increasingly malnourished. 

We are also making plans to distribute superflour (similar to porridge, mixed with water it makes a highly nutritious meal) to families – enough for them to be able to live on for approximately two to three weeks.

Our aim is to provide 800 hot meals daily for at least one month (each meal costs approximately £1) and enough superflour to help 5,000 families (it costs approximately £7 to support one family.)


Access to an education

The country faces additional and very worrying issues with schools being closed.  There is no form of home learning provision for government school children and not only are they being deprived of a much needed education but there are also additional grave consequences.  Nepal are already seeing a rise in early child marriages  ( – many young girls are eloping to avoid their difficult home situations during lockdown and parents are finding it difficult to stop them because of the limits on travel.  When parents do report the situation to the police, police are also too busy enforcing social distancing regulations to follow up the cases.  In addition, there is a huge concern that when schools do reopen attendance will be incredibly low, as it will be difficult to reengage the youngsters (secondary school enrollment rate pre lockdown is already low at 62%).

 Our programme plans to train and provide technical kit to teachers so that they can teach children remotely and safely in smaller groups in their villages.  The technical kits combine a variety of traditional and modern equipment and lesson plans a teacher needs from grade 1 to 10 (6 – 16 years old).


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Our programmes are changing continuously, so that we can address the issues and be effective as possible.  Therefore the details written on this website are accurate at the time of writing them but please check with the team for latest updates –