The level of early childhood education in Nepal is deplorable. More than 90% of the government’s 30,000 Early Childhood Centres fail to meet even minimum standards.

NYF transforms sub-standard, government-run Early Childhood Centres into model programmes serving disadvantaged preschoolers in rural Nepal. Over time the initiative will impact the lives of thousands of impoverished 3- and 4-year-olds and increase their likelihood of transitioning into reception class: a major hurdle in rural communities.

NYF works to train the teachers, lower the high teacher-child ratio, and provide suitable classrooms with quality learning materials. Children receive a mid-day meal and undergo nutritional screenings and follow-up interventions. Mothers are taught how to prepare local, nutrient-rich foods. Ankur Counseling Center trains teachers and parents in child development and childrearing techniques. After five years of operating successfully, model centres return to government control.

Help us impact the development of disadvantaged preschoolers and change their lives forever.

Our goal is transform 200 Centres over the next five years. This is ambitious but achievable with your support. £3,000 covers the construction and set up of a new Centre.



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