Founded in 1990 by Olga Murray, (a US research attorney and frequent visitor to Nepal), Nepal Youth Foundation offers hope and opportunity to Nepal’s most impoverished children by providing them with every child’s birth right: vital healthcare, education and a safe environment. 

Nepal Youth Foundation (UK) is a UK registered charity (1115394) and was founded in 2013 by husband and wife team Simon Russell and Gina Parker as result of many years of collaboration between the first charity they founded, Children of the Himalayas, and NYF.

Nepal Youth Foundation (UK) now forms part of a growing global organisation with its head office based in California, its operations office appropriately located in Kathmandu and three further offices worldwide.

In the decades we have been working with children in Nepal, NYF has expanded not only in the number of children supported, which now reaches well over 50,000,  but also in the ways in which we help them.



  • Increase access to education for children in Nepal
  • Improve the quality of education available in the country
  • Improve the health of children throughout Nepal
  • Empower Nepali youth to achieve their potential
  • Enable girls in Nepal to receive equal treatment and education 

Nepal Youth Foundation takes a highly personal approach to the children and families we serve, emphasising education and the development of personal and social responsibility in the children we support. 

Each programme is built upon NYF’s enduring core principles:

Comprehensive care – We provide holistic solutions that take into account all of a child’s needs and our combined programs provide a full range of services.

Community collaboration – We work closely with the people we serve and with our local partners to build solutions that are culturally attuned and wholeheartedly embraced.

Local direction and staffing – All of our programs are implemented by Nepali staff, leveraging the expertise of people who understand the communities they serve.

Long-term commitment – We take our  commitment seriously, working for as long as it takes to improve the lives of children in Nepal.

Sustainable solutions – We cultivate ways to transfer programme management to the government or community organisations, ensuring that future generations will benefit. 

International support – We rely on donations from a circle of caring, compassionate individuals and foundations around the world to make it all possible.

Because we are passionate about our mission, we are fiscally prudent, working “in the black” so we are able to deliver on our commitments. We take great pride in stretching the reach of every pound donated to us.

We feel enormously accountable to our generous donors, who have entrusted their intentions with us.
In Nepal, we are astute but generous in sharing resources (whether logistical or financial) with other Nepalese efforts to help impoverished children and families.

We operate with integrity, transparency, and high ethical standards. While we are motivated by compassion, we carry out our work with professionalism.







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