Over 2,42,097 families have been affected by the recent flooding and landslides in Nepal caused by heavy monsoon rains started on 11th August. 45,880 families are confirmed to have been displaced and 9,595 houses are completely damaged with 22,218 partially damaged. Over 100,000 people have been rescued to date by formal and informal search and rescue but thousands still need rescuing and there are still significant problems in accessing people – major highways and inner roads linking villages have been severely damaged.  Many regions are also suffering with no power, little or no drinking water supplies and no forms of communications.

We are yet to have detailed reports on the complete affect of the floods on our projects but we have heard from our teams that at least 150 of our freed Kamalari girls have lost their homes, while 250 are badly affected and many of these have also lost their newly started businesses.   11 of our 16 Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes are in the flooded southern belt and we have had reports of wide spread illness because of the lack of clean drinking water and many have not eaten for a number of days.  Our homes where possible will take part in providing care for the families affected by the floods and we are putting plans in place to cater for the influx of children we expect to receive.

Water levels in flood-affected areas have been gradually receding as the rainfall has significantly decreased or stopped in most parts of the country.  However, moderate to heavy rains have been forecast across Nepal over the coming days.

Our projects have been badly affected by the flood. Please help us provide further resource to the affected programmes and  donate by either clicking here or the red donate button above.  

One of the Kamalari girls Dilkumari Chaudhary looking at the debris of her collapsed home – she is one of the most active FKDF leaders.  On the 3rd day of the flood she said “All houses have been destroyed by the flood. Some have already collapsed and some are flooded. We could not save any food and clothes. Many of us are living in groups in the school building which survived the flood. There is no food and people are hungry. Water is polluted. Many people have begun to get sick. I am also suffering from fever and nausea.’


(Information from ReliefWeb.net 16th August)

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