Vladimir Morozov has just completed an incredible physical and mental test: running 1,000 miles across Nepal solo and unassisted.  Motivated to fulfill his late father’s desire to visit Nepal and combining his passions for adventure, nature and helping others, Vlad felt that this was the perfect challenge for him. 

Vlad completed the run in an incredible 66 days (an amazing average of 15 miles a day!).  Whilst he ensured he took a rest day once a week, he pushed himself to run c 30-40km a day and his longest run in one day covered a massive 54km.

The run encountered some extreme lows such as being without food for 30 hours, surviving a mugging attempt in the first week (a real anomaly given his subsequent interactions with the Nepalese people), being faced with leeches 3 times over, and banging his head on door frames on a daily basis (Vlad stands at 6ft tall whereas the average height of Nepalese male is c. 5ft 4in!).  His feet took the brunt of the damage in the early days and left him with open sores and an inability to walk for 3 days. However, the lows were vastly outweighed by the highs: the incredible openness, generosity and friendliness of the Nepali people, being the first tourist ever to have visited some of the villages he passed through in the remote regions in Western Nepal and being able to admire the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas.  Being surrounded by TV crews and adoring supporters who covered him in garlands and appreciated his efforts really spurred him on for the last tough leg. 

Vlad’s key aim  to understand first-hand the issues that affected Nepal andto  see how the country itself, but also NGOs, faced these problems, led him to collaborate with Nepal Youth Foundation.  During his rest days, Vlad was able to visit some of our projects and meet some of our beneficiaries. 

Vlad has already raised over £1,750 for NYF UK.  You can view the full details of Vlad’s trip, including daily videos and stunning photographs, as well as make a donation in support of this staggering achievement here.



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