Nepal Youth Foundation isDSC00175 excited to report that last week we conducted a two day health and nutrition camp in two remote villages called Chaughare and Bhardeu in the district of Lalitpur. The overall lack of awareness in Nepal about the relationship between nutrition and health has resulted in an alarming rate of malnourished children in rural villages (reportedly as high as one in every two children under five years of age). NYF’s nutrition camps aim to save lives unnecessarily lost to starvation in a country whose basic foodstuffs, if cooked and administered properly, provide a healthy, sustainable diet  Teams of doctors, dieticians, nurses, and support staff travel to rural villages to conduct health and nutrition screenings. Critically malnourished children are referred to the nearest NRH for further treatment. The teams provide vital nutrition education and diet counselling for parents and villagers (such as teaching proper hand washing techniques and what foods to feed their children), and they distribute Super Flour—a ready-to-eat mixture of highly nutritious grains. Camp attendees are also taught how to use Super Flour in their cooking and food preparation

At these two particular camps 500 children received crucial nutritional screening  and medical advice – over 30% of the children were found to be malnourished. Around 400 mothers and adults from the community also attended the camps and were provided with invaluable education on nutrition. A step in the right direction but we still need to do so much more.  

To read more about the work we do in combating high levels of malnourished children in Nepal please click here


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