Here are 5 ideas for your own fundraiser but please do contact us if you need some more inspiration.

  1. Coffee morning/ bake sale.  What’s a better way to raise money than by eating cake?  Ask friends or colleagues to help you bake some cakes (you can always ask for support through your Facebook page) and either sell them at school or at work.
  2. Quiz night.  Find a venue, download a quiz (there are some available here), design a poster and away you go.
  3. Do a car boot sale – a chance to raise some money and have a de-clutter.
  4. Do a raffle or an auction – local businesses love to help causes that their customers are passionate about.
  5. Have some fun and put on a gin/wine tasting evening.  Everybody loves a bit of gin or wine!

Once you’ve raised your money you can pay it into Nepal Youth Foundation UK HERE.

You can also download your own sponsorship form HERE.