Our Counselling Centre in Kathmandu has become a pioneer in psychological therapy for disadvantaged children in Nepal. It was established in 2006 to help heal the emotional challenges of the children who come to Nepal Youth Foundation from backgrounds of trauma, abandonment, neglect, oppression and discrimination.

Our staff members are schooled in a variety of therapeutic interventions as well as in individual and group counselling. The Centre complements its psychosocial counselling with a wide range of training programmes and workshops for hundreds of people every year who work with children. Additionally, the centre offers internships to college students in Nepal who are pursuing degrees in social work.

Originally established to help underprivileged children, our counselling centre, now offers counselling for everyone in the Kathmandu area, maintaining its emphasis on children.

We have a smaller satellite centre in Western Nepal, that specifically treats girls that Nepal Youth Foundation has freed from childhood slavery.



Help them get the counselling, support and therapy they need to turn a life of despair into one filled with hope and possibility. Just £29 will provide a child with a vital counselling session.