We provide a nurturing home for orphaned or abandoned children

Every year thousands of Nepali children are abandoned, displaced, or orphaned. With no family and lacking government protection, they fall prey to poverty, homelessness and unimaginable childhood trauma.

Olgapuri Village is Nepal Youth Foundation’s nurturing home for orphaned, disabled or abandoned Nepali children.

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Our pioneering children’s home provides a nurturing home to 80 orphaned or abandoned children. Help us to continue caring for these children.

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We evaluate our programmes regularly to determine how they can be more effective. The evaluations include measuring the outcomes of each programme on the children we help, their parents and their communities, comparing these outcomes to similar metrics in previous years and comparing the health and academic progress of children we support to the national averages in Nepal. Furthermore, the Social Welfare Council of the government of Nepal evaluates our organisation every five years.
We continue to work with the government and other organisations such as the Department of Education, Child Heath Division, Central Child Welfare Board & District Welfare Boards, District Public Health Offices, UNICEF and many more to ensure the longevity and success of our programmes.