Day School Scholarship Programme

Children from deeply impoverished families in Nepal, living in urban slums and rural villages are often forced to work for income or even beg in the streets. School is not a consideration.  NYF makes the dream of an education come true. If the conditions at home are satisfactory, the children stay with their families and attend the local school to avoid the emotional trauma of separation and to keep costs down. NYF pays for the school uniform, fees, supplies, book bag and, in some cases, private tutoring. Parents who can help defray the school costs are asked to do so; contributing even a small amount gives them a stake in the child’s education. NYF has supported hundreds of children in the Day School Program, all funded by donors like you.


For just £44 a month (or £35 a month + gift aid) you can help support a child with their education – covering costs for school uniform, supplies, book bag, trips and, in some cases, private tutoring.

Kinship Care Sponsorship Programme

At Nepal Youth Foundation we provide financial support to families who have taken on the responsibility for raising someone else’s child, or raising their own single-handedly but yet do not have the financial means in which to do so.  By doing so we ensure that children stay within the family unit rather than being moved into an institutional setting (which is hugely beneficial for the child). The funding covers the child’s living costs – food, rent, schooling costs (equipment, uniforms, any costs from the school), health care costs and any costs for recreational activities.

Our scholarships are granted to both girls and boys (we support approximately 180 children a year) and a key focus of our programme is to ensure that the children stay in formal education; our social workers work with both the guardian and the schools to ensure wherever possible this is achieved. Please help us to continue our work so that these children can continue to thrive in their nurturing homes.


For just £58 a month (or £46 + gift aid) you can help children live with their extended families until they are ready to start their own families. This money covers all their living expenses.  

Scholarships for Disabled Students

The most disadvantaged of all are children with disabilities. In Nepalese culture, they are often seen as curses, pariahs or as punishment for “sins” of the family. Only 30% of disabled people are educated; the rest are relegated to empty lives, unable to read, write, or earn a living. 

From its inception, NYF has paid special attention to disabled children. Where suitable we enrol them in a regular school or college. Those children who require more supervision and care attend schools which cater for their specific needs. 


We love giving disabled youngsters a chance to prove their intelligence and capability – and to proudly learn to support themselves.

£60 per child a month (or £48 a month + gift aid) gives a child a future that would otherwise be out of reach.

Olgapuri Children’s Village Sponsorship Programme

Olgapuri Village, opened in 2016, is Nepal Youth Foundation’s purpose-built, nurturing home for orphaned, disabled or abandoned Nepali children.  It is made up of a children’s home, a farm and a vocational training school.  

Here we provide a loving and stable environment and the opportunity for education, and empower children to fulfil their dreams. We give these children all living, educational & medical expenses and personal attention. We commit to them for the long term, from childhood through college, and provide the first real sense of security in their lives.

Counselling services are provided to incoming children suffering from loss of identity, dwindling self-esteem, and serious emotional wounding. The structure and safety of a familiar routine, the loving attention of devoted caretakers, and the sense of being part of a family again gradually lift the mental, psychological, and emotional spirits of the newcomers, and the healing begins.


£310 a month (or £250 + gift aid) will support a child at Olgapuri Village. Your donation ensures that other abandoned children will find the refuge, love and support they so desperately need at NYF’s exemplary children’s home.