Hannah Coppersmith (CEO NYK UK) & Lottie Wilkins (Communications, Events and Fundraising Manager) have recently returned from an incredible trip to Nepal to visit many of the NYF projects and more importantly, meet some of the wonderful young people we are lucky enough to be able to support.

They visited the two schools we have collaborated on with Projects Abroad in the Kathmandu Valley and also 3 of the schools we rebuilt with the support of Exodus in Sindhulpalchowk.  This was one of the worst affected areas after the earthquake and the schools we rebuilt there are incredibly remote.  We are immensely proud of our team on the ground in Nepal; it is through their unrivalled expertise, excellent community relations and sheer determination to help their fellow Nepalis that we have rebuilt these schools (and so many others) so quickly.

It was wonderful for them to have the opportunity to hear (and see) from the community how rebuilding the schools has allowed them to carry on with a ‘normal’ life in such abnormal circumstances and ultimately how happy the schools had made everyone. They even wrote and performed a song for NYF to thank us!

An important part of the trip for the team was heading out to Nepalgunj and the surrounding districts to meet our Freed Kamalari girls. These are women who endured long stretches as child slaves and are starting new chapters in their lives. They continue, as a collective, with NYF’s help, to fight for social and economic empowerment with a continued optimism that is rare and inspirational to us all.  “Meeting those girls who have been through the most horrendous experiences but are now so positive and want to enrich their lives is incredibly motivating.  I want to do all we can to support them”.  Hannah.  

A highlight of the trip for Hannah and Lottie was visiting Olgapuri, our pioneering Children’s Village, and playing with the children.  They even got to stay for supper and eat veg’ from our new farm!  The children are so joyous and feel so at home there that it was very uplifting.  We want to do all we can to give them the life they deserve.

The trip has also helped the UK team to formulate our strategy for 2017/18 and decide on the projects we will support.  We are looking forward to sharing the plan very shortly – so watch this space!

We’d like to thank again everyone who has contributed to the amazing projects that were visited.  We are lucky to have your support.

me & boys at OlgapuriBalbalika school kids