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As a result of the growing population and urbanization, and of course the recent earthquakes, the demand for skilled technicians in the electrical, plumbing, welding, carpentry and furniture making sectors is very high in Nepal.   However, there are limited opportunities in Nepal in which to learn a trade.  1,500 people every day are migrating in search of the chance to learn a skill (and gain regular employment) but when they reach these countries they find they are often hugely exploited.  Many are forced to work long hours, for less pay than they thought, working in extremely dangerous jobs and often even face physical and sexual abuse.   As a result, there is a huge demand to provide high quality vocational training within Nepal.

NYF’s programme provides career counselling and vocational courses that prepare underprivileged youth for marketable careers, leading to economic independence and a dignified life.

As part of our pioneering Olgapuri Children’s Village, we have developed an on-site Vocational Training School.

We offer vocational training in four trades: Maintenance: electrical/electronic training, plumbing, Carpentry /furniture making, Metalwork/welding and Care giving.

The Vocational School train some 400 young adults annually.

Young people with jobs serve as role models in their communities. They are able to impact their family’s economic status and improve the family’s overall welfare.

VECC staff identifies the best training programme for the child’s chosen field, either at the Vocational Training School or elsewhere, pays for the cost of training and helps them to find employment following the completion of their course.

Watch this short 2 minute film, courtesy of Wrapt Films, to understand our programme further. 


Prepare an Eager Young Adult for the Job Market

Your donation helps to provide basic vocational training to impoverished young people who very much want to work but lack the requisite training.

£805 funds an entire basic training programme for one student.




Build your own online fundraising page specifically for our Vocational Education & Career Counselling programme. 



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