As a result of the growing population and urbanization, and of course the recent earthquakes, the demand for skilled technicians in the electrical, plumbing, welding, carpentry and furniture making sectors is very high in Nepal.   However, there are limited opportunities in Nepal in which to learn a trade.  1,500 people every day are migrating in search of the chance to learn a skill (and gain regular employment) but when they reach these countries they find they are often hugely exploited.  Many are forced to work long hours, for less pay than they thought, working in extremely dangerous jobs and often even face physical and sexual abuse.   As a result, there is a huge demand to provide high quality vocational training within Nepal.

Nepal Youth Foundation’s programme provides career counselling and vocational courses that prepare underprivileged youngsters for marketable careers, leading to economic independence and a dignified life.

We offer vocational training scholarships in four trades: electrical, plumbing carpentry and steel fabrication.   We offer approximately 400 scholarships a year.

The programme helps to identify the best trade for the student, covers the cost of training and accommodation and helps them to find employment following the completion of their course.


Watch this short 2 minute film, courtesy of Wrapt Films, to understand our programme further.



Your donation helps to provide basic vocational training to impoverished young people who very much want to work but lack the requisite training.

£790 funds an entire 3 months training programme for one student (including their accommodation and food.)



Krishna B.K, now 24 years old, became part of NYF’s Village School Scholarship Programme when he was 9 years old. His father had died from TB, leaving his mother, 2 older sisters and younger brother in extreme financial difficulty.

Krishna had suffered particular hardship throughout his childhood and this played a part in him being unable to pass his Plus Two (A-Level equivalent). He was subsequently referred to NYF’s Vocational Education Programme. NYF was able to sponsor him to attend the Balaju School of Engineering and Technology on its Electrics course. He completed his Level 1 training (390 hours over 3 months) in January 2015 and started his first job the following month.

In just 18 months from beginning his career, he began his own business and now earns about £1850/year: more than double the average Nepali salary.