A Life Changing Gift

What to buy a gift that’s going to make a real difference?
For just £29 + £2.50 postage you can sponsor a child to have a vital counselling session at our pioneering centre in Kathmandu; the perfect gift for someone who really wants to make a difference this Christmas.
Find out how you can buy your special gift below and start to make a difference to a child’s life today.
What does the recipient of my gift receive?
The gift will pay for a child to receive a counselling session at our pioneering centre in Kathmandu. These vital sessions will help children from our programmes heal from traumatic experiences, that sadly so many have already had to face due to grinding poverty, family disintegration, brutal deaths and childhood abuse. Your support will go a long way towards helping these children fulfil their dreams, achieve their goals and live happy lives.
By post you (or the recipient of your gift) will receive a beautifully designed card outlining the sponsorship and what it entails and either a Nepal Youth Foundation UK t-shirt or buff/neck scarf (great for outdoor sports).
You will also receive digital information on your sponsorship via email which you can also share with the recipient.
How do I order my gift?
To order and pay for your gift click HERE or for PayPal payments, HERE
IMPORTANT: Please write in the comments box provided whether you would like the gift to be sent to yourself or to the person you are gifting to, along with their address.  Please also state if you would prefer a t-shirt or buff and their size if you have chosen a t-shirt (small, medium or large).
We will then email you with confirmation and details of the sponsorship and your gift will be sent in the post.
How much does it cost?
£29 + £2.50 postage
Can you claim Gift Aid on the price of the gift?
We can claim gift aid on part of the donation (just not for the cost of the t-shirt or buff) so if you do pay UK tax, please click the Gift Aid declaration button and we’ll sort out the rest.
Please email the team if you have any questions info@nepalyouthfoundation.org.uk